Home Phototherapy Equipment for skin

Home Phototherapy Equipment for skin
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Children skin disease should be treatment carefully. Phototherapy, in fact, is a safe and effective method for skin treatment. SIGMA handheld UV therapy unit PT3 Kid is specially designed for children who are troubled in psoriasis, vitiligo, chronic eczema and other skin diseases. Indications Professional skin treatment for localized vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema, mycosis fungoides, atopic dermatitis, neurodermatitis and other skin diseases at home under the doctor’s guidance. Handheld UV Therapy Unit Simplified UV Therapy Home phototherapy Equipment Feature and Advantage ● 311nm narrowband uvb phototherapy is effective and safe for home use skin treatment. High intensity single UV lamp is fit for spot treatment. ● Locating ring is made of special light filtering material. UV rays cannot cross through it, only visible light, that can realize the accurate irradiation and better protect the normal skin. ● Quiet, no noise during use. Children can receive the irradiation when they are asleep with their parents’ help. ● Small volume and rounded edge. You will get a packing bag to pack and place it where the children cannot reach it. Rounded edges in its design convey a sense of ease, less hurt to kids. ● Lovely design and attractive colors. Green, red, orange are available for choice. It is more convenient and easier for children to hold it and love it. Handheld UV Therapy Unit price Simplified UV Therapy for psoriasis phototherapy Equipment for eczemaHome Phototherapy Equipment for skin website:http://www.lightherapy.com/home-phototherapy-equipment/


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