Stainless Steel Tee suppliers

Stainless Steel Tee suppliers
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We carry a full line of 304 & 316L stainless steel equal tee that meet strict certifications for today's pipe systems, our high-quality stainless steel equal tee come in a variety of sizes and schedules starting from sch5s to sch160. Products Show: Yasco鈥檚 strict production procedures and high working efficiency are bases to success. On top of this, we have invested considerable in introducing modern production equipment and building modern workshops, which standardizes production procedures, enabling every employee to work under scientific production procedures and our production procedures to be optimized as better as possible. Such methods further avoid waste in production, accelerate production, and improve and stabilize quality, thus helping us win the market. Workshop: We know that product quality is closely related to each production process, and we emphasize that product quality is important to sales, which is why our customers are always willing to cooperate with us. Quality Assurance: In Yasco, quality is not just shown in the production process and final stage detection, but also throughout the process (including service). We execute a whole set of quality control and guarantee system, in which each group of pipes is sampled, cut, tested and examined while there cord is kept to guarantee the quality origin of the final products. Whether they are semi-finished or manufactured products, tests are carried out in the test center every time, to ensure that the whole process is in a sound and stable environment. Application: We are committed to providing you with quality stainless steel pipe, pipe fittings and has successfully served numerous fields such as petroleum, aviation, smelting, food, water conservancy, electric power, chemical engineering, chemistry, chemical fibre, medicine machine, etc. Its outstanding products and superior service have satisfied customers鈥?high-end demand worldwide.Stainless Steel Tee suppliers website:http://www.hnyasco.com/stainless-steel-pipe-fitting/stainless-steel-tee/


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