Self-adhesive High Density Polyethylene Sheet

Self-adhesive High Density Polyethylene Sheet
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Dayu Waterproof is one of the leading and biggest waterproofing system providers in China. Established in 1995, Dayu waterproof has been devoted to the scientific research, development, producing and sales of waterproof materials. We have been providing high-quality and professional waterproofing system solutions for important infrastructural construction projects, industrial buildings, civil buildings and commercial buildings in the past 20 years. Dayu waterproof holds 3 subsidiaries, 2 modernized factories, one advanced research and development center, and several professional, experienced construction teams. The subsidiaries including:
Guangdong Dayu Jiuding Waterproof Technology Co.,Ltd,
Guangzhou Dayu Building Waterproof Material Co.,Ltd,
Guangzhou Dayu waterproof Technology  Development Co.,Ltd.
Bitumen Waterproofing Membrane
APP/SBS Torch-applied Waterproofing Membrane
PET One/Double Side Self-adhesive Waterproofing Membrane
HDPE Polymer Modified Bitumen Waterproof Membrane
Strong Cross Film Self-adhesive Waterproof Membrane
Root Penetration Resistance Waterproof Material MembraneSynthetic Waterproofing Membrane
PVC polymer Waterproof Membrane
TPO polymer Waterproof Membrane
EVA/HDPE Polymer Waterproof Geo-membrane
HDPE Non-asphaltic Self-adhesive Waterproof Membrane
EPDM Polymer Waterproof Membra
Waterproofing coatings
Single Part Polyurethane Waterproof Coating
Two-component Polyurethane Waterproof Coating
JS Polymer Cement-base Waterproof Coating
K11 High Flexible Waterproof Coating
K11 General Waterproof Coating
Acrylic Polymer Waterproof Coating
Special Bridge & Road Polyurethane Waterproof Coating
Polymer Emulsion Waterproof Coating
Non-cured Rubberized Asphalt Waterproof Coating
Cementitious Capillary Crystalline Waterproof Coating
One Component Polyurethane Building Sealant
Two Components Polyurethane Building Sealant
All kinds of industrial and civil building roof, including planting roof, flat roof, pitched roof and light steel roof. Reservoir, dam, channel and basement. Tunnel, granary, air-defense project, garbage field and artificial lake.
Various types of roofs: including cement, bamboo, timber, steel, asbestos shingle, and different shapes of roofs.
Underground structure: inner wall, exterior wall, bottom plate, elevation pit, retaining wall, underground tunnel, well, pipeline of underground concrete.
Surface structure: bridge, motorway, toilet, kitchen, bathroom, swimming pool, non-drinking pool, flowerbed.
Joint: expansion joint, construction joint, settlement joint, crack in the wall, sprout.
Antisepsis: metal pipe, antiseptic terrace, antiseptic pool.
China water industry AAA grade credit rating certification
occupational health and safety management system certification,
Ministry of Railways CRCC certification
ISO9001 international quality managementsystem certification
Merit Enterprises
Guangdong Province famous enterprise quality integrity unit
Property pillar brand in Guangdong Province
Shenzhen Waterproof Association Certificate
Business model of Enhance the quality
waterproofing secondary qualification (the most advanced in China)
CE export certification.
Membrane equipment: 3 bituminous production line: 2 production lines of 1M width modified asphalt membrane, 1 set of 2M width non-reinforcement asphalt membrane production equipment ; 5 production line for high polymer waterproofing membrane (3 sets equipment for 2 meters width high polymer membrane,3 sets equipment for 4M wide width polymer membrane)
Coating equipment: 6 sets fully automatic, temperature control paint production equipment,1 set of automatic powder mixing and dispersing equipment10 sets of polyurethane (oil-based ) equipment as: grinding equipment, stirring tank equipment, automatic filling equipment, yearly output of waterproofing coating is 20 thousand tons. 3 sets of polymer waterproofing coating(water-based ) production equipment, 10 thousand tons of annual output.1 set of waterproofing cement mortar equipment which produce 10 thousand per year.
R&D equipment:Infiltrometer, reaktionsturm, air shrinkage curing box, universal tensile tester, draught Drying Cabinet, ventilation system, low temperature test chambers, UV age tester cement mixer, digital viscometer, ect..
Our service
Quality Control Measure
Our company will provide the brand new and unused waterproof material to the buyer, the quality and property standard of the waterproof material will be strictly according to the contract. We promise:
1.all the products we offer will meet the technical requirement and standard from our clients.        
2.All the raw material we are using is provided by famous domestic raw material suppliers.
3.All the subject matters are produced by our company.
High-quality Service Guarantee
We promise that the one test qualified rate is 100% without a single square meter unqualified. Replacement is guaranteed if the products are not up to the standard.;We undertake to indemnify the relevant losses.
We hire the domestic well-known waterproofing specialists to guide construction in site, and our company’s general engineer will guide construction in site.
The construction will be operated by certificated professional waterproofing workers who have over 5 years of waterproofing work experience and have participated more than 5 main engineering construction projects.
Construction Repairing Guarantee
1.We guarantee the waterproofing durability is over 30 years , we undertake the repairing responsibility for 5 years.
2. We build construction profile for each project of our main clients, dispatch professional engineer to do the follow-up projects inspection at all time, provide maintenance scheme for the proprietor, settle any hidden trouble in time.        
3. We have special repairing service section with 24 hours telephone service and are equipped with special repairing vehicle to make sure arriving within 24 hours to offer solution if any quality problem occurs. Self-adhesive High Density Polyethylene Sheet


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