Automatic PE Blowing Machine Made in China

Automatic PE Blowing Machine Made in China
Oпубліковано 30-06-20


Automatic 50L PE Blowing Machine 1.Single stations and linear guide supported, driven by hydraulic pressure, designed and analyzed by finite element aided software, ensure big clamping force, no expansion of mold. 2.Large mold open stroke ensures the even clamping force and keeps the mold platens indeformable. 3.Specially designed screw with high L/D ratio insures good plasticizing and stable extrusion; high precision and no part line die head guarantees customers' top-quality requirement. 4.High precise non-parting line accumulator die head with parison controller reaches high quality products and reduces cost. 5.Optinal with movable blow pins and up & down bottom-up blow function matches the requirement of large size product. 6.Famous brand of vector inverter in high pulling torque, complied with special extrusion hardened reducer, can operate in stable, durable, and low noise state. 7.Brand-name hydraulic parts, pressure & proportional control are set by PLC, which ensures the stable operation; Mold movement is controlled by special speed limited valves, ensuring precise position and non-striking. 8.Parts of pneumatic system are imported from Germany, Japan, etc, which are top brands in the world. These make sure the operation of machine reliably and accurately; the air circulation is large while the leakage is very small. 9.Brand-name computer special for blow molding machine, parameter settings easy to learn, easy to operate. 10.Schneider (France) touchless sensors and switches are adopted, which are dependable and in low heat, & prolonged life. 11.Multiple-way PID controlled temperature heating is precise and stable. 12.Safety raster ensures the safety during production. 13.Fully automatic operation can be achieved by optional equipments like robot, clamp cutter.Automatic PE Blowing Machine Made in China website:http://www.packmachine.net/plastic-machine/automatic-pe-blowing-machine/


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