Three-phase Electric Motor suppliers

Three-phase Electric Motor suppliers
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Product Introduction FrameCast Iron or Aluminum Poles2, 4, 6, 8,10 Ambient temperature-15掳 鈩?鈮? 鈮?40 鈩?/p> Altitude1000 Meters DutyContinuous(S1) Insulation ClassClass B/F Protection ClassIP44/IP54/IP55 Cooling MethodIC0141 (total-enclosed fan-cooled type) Products Parameter Product Application The YD three-phase electric motor are mainly used in petroleum, electricity, building material, steel, non -ferrous, coal, chemical industry, paper making, textile and other industries. Products Details The YD three-phase electric motor with high-quality stator and powerful wounding rotor, the main function of stator it is to produce a rotating magnetic field, the cooling ring can ensure efficient motor operation. YD series three-phase motor is specially designed for European market, whose terminal box is located an the top. This motor has a very compact structure and attractive appearance. The sizes and mounting dimensions are produced according to the IEC standard. The motor has some good features, such as high efficiency, energy-saving, high starting torque and easy maintenance. Our motor is really competitive in the world market. Product Qualification Packing and Delivery Packing type: Wooden Box (export standard packaging ) Wooden Open Crate Carton Box Port: Port Ningbo Latest News July 14th-15th The 2nd Taizhou Electric Motor Exhibition September 4th-6th The 18th (2020) China International Animal Husbandry Expo September 11th-13th The China(chongqing) Pump and Electric Motor ExhibitionThree-phase Electric Motor suppliers website:http://www.tztcmotor.com/electric-motor/three-phase-electric-motor/


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