Ball Mill manufacturers

Ball Mill manufacturers
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Wet grinding mill for clay Product introduction Wet grinding mill is a large superfine grinding equipment developed by our company after improvements. It can crush materials into powder in 2000 to 8000 mesh or even finer powder by using scientific grinding medium ratio. Wet grinding mill works continously by feeding materials from the base through pump,frequency-conversion motor drives main shaft at stable speed to grind the ball and materials and generate high-energy movement among materials and medium ball,creating crash,shear and friction so as to meet best powder requirement. Water mill can operate independently or lingking several mills to flexibly meet our customers鈥?various production demands. It enjoys a wide rang of applications,bringing good processing effects for nonmetallic minerals including calcium carbonate, barite, clay, gypsum and talc etc. 1. material bin 2. mixture bin 3. conveyor pump 4. buffer tank 5. feed pump 6. water mill 7. vibrating sifter 8. middle tank 9. discharge pump 10. finished product bin Technical advantages of the wet grinding mill: Designed with totally-new machine structure, optimized machinery size, uniquely- designed machinery parts, and simplified production process, this wet ultrafine grinding machine has higher performance. Its advantages include: 1. High efficiency For producing the same amount of material, this wet ultrafine grinding machine consumes 30% less energy in comparison with conventional grinding equipment. 2. High fineness of finished products The size of grind-need material ranges from 200mesh to 325mesh, and the finished material fineness is 2渭m. 3. The parts inside the grinding machine are made of high hardness, wearing-resistant materials. Hence, the grinding machine features long service life. 4. The starting torque is low, and as a result the grinding machine produces a small impact on power grid. 5. The finished material has a low temperature, low viscosity, and good fluidity. 6. The wet ultrafine grinding machine can be used independently or used in combination with each other. 7. Fully automatic controlled, easy to operate, and the production capacity is stable. 8. Low loss of grinding medium, and as a result, there is no pollution on materials. Working Principle of the Wet Grinding Mill Firstly, the wet material will be pumped into the grinding machine which is prepared with a certain amount of grinding mediums. Then, the driving part will drive the mixing parts to rotate in a high speed. Due to this, the wet materials and grinding mediums will also rotate at a high speed, thus the raw materials will be ground into ultrafine materials under the impact force, shearing force and collision force between grinding mediums. Finally, the ultrafine materials will be filtered by the vibrating screen, and then will be discharged from the discharging hole and collected by the collection system. Application. It can be used to produce calcium carbonate,silicon power,magnesium hydroxide,aluminum hydroxide, clay, barium sulfate, red iron oxide, graphite, attapulgite, alumina, talc powder and mica etc. Model Parameter LYSM-1500 LYSM-3800 Feeding size(mesh) 200-400 200-400 Ouput(t/h) 1.8-3 2-6 Power consumption (kw.h/t) 30-124 30-134 Motor power(kw) 160 250 Ball loss(kg/t) 0.2-0.8 0.2-0.8 L*W*H(mm) 3000*3000*5500 3600*3600*8600 Service & support With a team of experienced engineers with a strong sense of service ,we devoted to build up a complete customer services system with high efficiency to offer high value-added technical support and professional after sale services for customers. 1. Pre-sale 1) Equipment sizing assistance based on customer鈥檚 demand. 2) Assistance in planning the layout of workshop according to the customer鈥檚 site conditions. 3) Free design of the foundation drawing and process flow diagram. 4) Guidance on preparatory work. 2. During-sale. 1) Strictly control of product production to ensure product quality. 2) Elimination of hidden dangers with strict factory inspectation and traceability system. 3) Providing logistics information. 4) Free guidance on the preparation of equipment foundation. 5) Free guidance for installation and commissioning. 6) Free professional technical training. 3. After-sale. 1) Guidance on various powder production process for customer. 2) Periodic follow-up on device usage. 3) Instructions on equipment maintenance. 4) Solution of relevant problems in the shortest time. 5) Timely and efficient replacement of spare parts. 6) Professional and fast equipment maintenance. Ball Mill manufacturers website:http://www.stonegrindingmill.com/grinding-mill/ball-mill/


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