Wire Mesh Welding Machine price

Wire Mesh Welding Machine price
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HNYC300-2500 CNC steel bar welding machine Machine characteristics (compared with traditional manual) 1. In terms of quality: Mechanized production of reinforced cages, the main ribs and ribs are evenly spaced with high accuracy; mechanical rotation, the coiled ribs and the main ribs are tightly wound; the first reinforcement is added to ensure the concentricity of the finished reinforcing cage. Manually made reinforced cages have large dimensional errors; the winding is not tight and the whole is loose; thermal deformation of the inner stirrup welding causes deformation of the reinforced cage; especially when the coils are thicker than 10mm or the reinforcement is denser, it is more difficult to ensure the quality manually. 2. In terms of output: Under the same conditions, mechanical production is 3-4 times that of manual production. 3. In terms of processing costs: when the same amount of tasks is completed, mechanically making a steel cage can save 3/4 of labor. 4. The system adopts international brand servo motor plus driver, Taiwan Delta PLC and touch screen, which further guarantees the stability, reliability and durability of the equipment. 5. Adjust the welding speed, change the spacing between the wire and other operations, only need to be set on the touch screen, no need to stop to adjust the machine, the operation is simple and easy to learn.With data storage function;User permission can be set, password access, specially-assigned operation. 6.The machine control system has been independently developed and applied in China for many years, which is mature and stable;It is also one of our main advantages over other companies in the industry. Main parameter: CapacitySingle wire:4-14mm Double wire:4-12mmMax.Bending speed1200掳/s Feeding speed85m/minAverage consumption5kw/h Feeding precision卤1mmRated voltage380v/220v Bending stirrup speed:900-1800pcs/hWorking Temp锛?掳~40掳 Total PowerServo motor:15kw+5.5kw Cutting motor:4kw Air compressor:4kwDimension2500*1200*2015mm G.W.2500kgs Electrical equipment configuration: 1. Schneider circuit breakers 2. Chint relays and contactors 3. Famous brand break 3sets 4. Programmable controller 1set 5. Taiwan Mingwei switching power 1set 6. Three braking resistors for driver 7. Delta PLC Advantages: 1. All the mechanical parts of our company's products are processed by ourselves, and the wear-resistant steel pipes used by our company are 40Cr quenched. The company has four types: 1000, 1500, 2000, and 2500. The diameter of the processing cage is 300-2500mm. The length can be extended to 18 meters (standard 12 meters), and can be customized to extend to 25 meters. The transmission can fully guarantee the efficiency and stability of the equipment. 2. The electrical software program of the device is developed by ourselves Core electrical components and systems using international brands.The mechanical design is reasonable, the welding is firm, the rack - shaped walk is stable, the spacing of the plate bar is accurate. 3. Brand bearings, precise rack rotation, brand reducer, international brand servo motor. 4. The mechanical design is scientific and reasonable, convenient for users to use and maintain, and the replacement of spare parts is simple and quick. 5. Stepless adjustable driver, stable and reliable quality, energy saving and environmental protection, easy adjustment. 6. The touch screen adopts the international famous brand touch screen, with stable and reliable quality and visual interface. In combination with the actual production needs, the design is reasonable, which facilitates the operation and use of customers. 7. Equipped with multi-component material tray to prevent the main bar from being out of order in the production process.The steel cage frame is rotated by the moving disc at the same time, the disc bar is not moved, convenient and reliable to use. 8. The distance between the main bars is determined by the artificially arranged on the template in advance, the same number of casing intervals as the number of main bars, and the diameter of the reinforcement cage is precisely controlled by the same diameter template. A project usually requires 2-7 types of templates When the number of main bars is changed, it is necessary to manually replace the template ring and rearrange the casing, which is convenient and quick to operate. 9. Equipped with multiple hydraulic support devices to prevent the steel cage from sagging due to its own weight.In order to reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency, improve product quality, chain main reinforcement automatic feeding mechanism and automatic welding manipulator for users to choose (optional). 10. Safe and convenient transportation, the equipment adopts modular design, consisting of feeding rack, main engine and cutting mechanism, which can be quickly disassembled, the equipment can be disassembled and assembled in one day.Wire Mesh Welding Machine price website:http://www.yucmachine.com/wire-mesh-welding-machine/


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