Thermal Oil Boiler price

Thermal Oil Boiler price
Oпубліковано 12-01-21
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Product Overview The YY(Q)W series thermal hot oil boiler is designed as a quick-installation energy-saving and safe boiler, it has the characteristics of high heat conduction temperature (320鈩? and low operating pressure (0.8Mpa). The heat transfer oil is pressurized by a circulating oil pump and circulated in a large-diameter closed coil, and then transfers the heat to the equipment that needs to be heated, then returns to the boiler to be heated again. The high-temperature flue gas after combustion enters the energy-saving device (or waste heat boiler) designed at the tail of the boiler, and uses the waste heat to generate high-temperature water or steam to improve the utilization efficiency of the boiler. Product Chart Product Parameter ModelRated power (kw)Rated pressure (MPa)Thermal efficiency (%)Medium outlet temperature锛堚剝锛?/p>Medium return temperature锛堚剝锛?/p>Dimension L脳W脳H (m)Weight(t) YY(Q)W-700Y(Q)7000.8/1.0鈮?33202803.2脳2脳2.14.9 YY(Q)W-1000Y(Q)10000.8/1.0鈮?33202803.5脳2脳2.15.2 YY(Q)W-1400Y(Q)14000.8/1.0鈮?33202804.5脳2脳2.36.2 YY(Q)W-2100Y(Q)21000.8/1.0鈮?33202805.4脳2.4脳2.610 YY(Q)W-3000Y(Q)30000.8/1.0鈮?33202806脳2.5脳2.813 YY(Q)W-4200Y(Q)42000.8/1.0鈮?33202807.1脳3脳3.218 YY(Q)W-6000Y(Q)60000.8/1.0鈮?33202808.1脳3.2脳3.526 YY(Q)W-7000Y(Q)70000.8/1.0鈮?33202809脳3.4脳3.730 Performance Advantages 1. High efficiency, low cost (1) Combustion equipment is customized according to different fuels, all kinds of fuels can be fully burned, high efficiency, low consumption, and environmental protection. (2) Large-diameter coil design,reduces hot oil circulation resistance, prevents oil line from gelling, and operates safely. (3) Energy saver installed at the end of the boiler, make full use of thermal energy and improve thermal efficiency. (4) High temperature resistant heat insulation material ,prevent heat loss. 2. High-security operation,ensure no safety hazards (1) PLC intelligent automatic operation control system, with interlocking protection functions such as overpressure, overtemperature, oil shortage, oil speed, electric leakage, abnormal state of electrical equipment, etc. (2) Set a number of safety protection devices, safety valves, pressure controllers, pressure transmitters, pressure gauges, oil temperature control, nitrogen fire extinguishing, etc. 3. Quick assembly, simple installation Boiler and auxiliary machine are assembled structure, convenient transportation, simple installation, short cycle CompanyThermal Oil Boiler price website:http://www.yuji-boiler.com/thermal-oil-boiler/


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