Outsole Injection Molding Machine manufacturers

Outsole Injection Molding Machine manufacturers
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TECHNICAL PARAMETER: ItemUnitEK-5324 Work Stationstation24 Raw Material PVC/TPR Clamping Forceton60 Diameter of Screwmm桅55 桅55*2 Rotation Speed of Screwr.p.m0-190 Injection Cap(Max)cm鲁450 400*2 Injection Pressurekg/cm虏105 95 Motor Powerkw37锛?5+11+11锛?/p> Heating Powerkw22 Temperature Controlsection4 Machine Weightkg13000 Machine Dimensionmm9000*6700*1950 Data are not binding and may be changed without prior notice. Characters: 1. The machine can be used to produce raw material for PVC/TPR. 2. Humanized man-machine interface, PLC controlling, touch-screen display. 3. Double-ratio hydraulic system. 4. Accurate digital measurement. 5. Rational layout, easy to operate and it can be run without professionals. 6. This machine has the manipulator to operate, the full automatic control, and may save power and increase the production. Factory silhouette: KCLKA Spirit: Following the times and emerging at the historic moment, KCLKA people adhere to the excellent attitude of "creating, breaking through, and surpassing each step of the boutique", adhering to the business philosophy of "making China's equipment and technology synchronized with the world", relying on high-tech, and constantly striving for excellence. Leapfrogging growth, continuous improvement of technical level and industry competitiveness, and excellence in shoe-making machinery and equipment, making today's KCLKA machinery a small number of domestic diversified, intelligent and personalized integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and service A full-line integrated manufacturing service provider for shoe machines. Significance: KCLKA: Every KCLKA person works tirelessly, daring to fight, and dedicate himself to their respective posts; with a broad mind, they continue to learn, enterprising, and study hard, to conquer the core technology of high-tech, and to cast the company鈥檚 industry achievements and realizations. The social value of the company.Outsole Injection Molding Machine manufacturers website:http://www.chinakclka.com/outsole-injection-molding-machine/


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